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About Our Artful World



The name NUMERO21 comes from the name of our childhood home. A place full of art, a factory of ideas, where there was an infinite collection of books and stories waiting to be told.


Passionate about art. We have become creators and critics (because we believe that one cannot exist without the other). We love thresholds, the in-betweens, in things, in places and in art. We love dualities. As art fanatics, we never stop studying art, so we seek to pay homage to different artistic traditions through our work. 


We don't have a style, nor do we pretend to have one, just a line of thought. A particular perspective that we would like to share.


We would love to be part of a fairer world. Through our pieces we seek to generate change. We work with local businesses, promoting a circular, sustainable economy, as well as supporting initiatives that promote a positive environmental impact (our favourites are wildlife conservation organisations). 


May our passion for art be contagious, and our products fill you with joy!


Live artfully! x Bego

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