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Who is behind Numero21? What do we do and what is our purpose? What motivates us, and above all, how do we make art? Art, architecture and criticism: here is the motivation I have as an individual behind the brand and especially as an artist.

Welcome to Numero21.

Hello, Bego here. I'm delighted to be here at last! Passionate about art all my life, I've finally decided to become a creator and critic (because I think one can't exist without the other). After years of studying art history, art techniques and spending entire days in museums and galleries, I decided it's time to share what I do and what I'm passionate about with the world (or a small corner of the internet).

My relationship with the art world has evolved throughout my life. I have constantly changed favourite movements and artists, favourite museums and galleries, but my passion for art has only increased. I love thresholds; the in-between in things, in places and in art. I am a fan of dualities. Of emptiness. Of the transitions between art and architecture, and the user's intervention in between.

As an art enthusiast, I never stop studying it, so I try to incorporate references to different artistic traditions in the pieces I make. I don't have a style, nor do I pretend to have one, just a line of thought. A particular perspective that I express through my work.

“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.”Oscar Wilde

This is the motivation behind the brand we have built, and I use the plural because, although I am the creator and curator of the collection, art is never individual. There is always a world of people behind, as motivation and collaborators in all stages of the creative process. Thus, I intend to evolve with each piece made, continue experimenting with different techniques and, in a creative way, to explore the potential of visual culture through printmaking as an artistic medium.

Live Artfully!

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